The perfect printing solution for your HP DesignJet 110 printer

PrintFab 1.22 (18-Oct-2023)
(multifunction devices: only printer unit is supported, not scanner unit)

HP DesignJet 110 - Windows printer driver features

PrintFab LicensePrintFab Pro with XL option
Printer supported since PrintFab version1.00
Color profiles includedPlain paper, Bright white paper, HP coated paper, HP Premium Plus Photo and Proof Gloss, HP Premium Plus Photo Satin, Transparency, Ilford Omnijet PhotoGloss RC
Color managementsupported, extensible with user profiles
Color profile administrationyes
Print quality300dpi Quick, 600dpi, 600dpi CAD, 1200dpi, 1200dpi CAD, 2400dpi
Automatic duplex-
Roll paper supportyes
Roll paper cutteryes
Max. print size62.48 x 162.51cm / 24.60 x 63.98"
license PrintFab XL required to use the maximum print size
Printer ToolboxTest page

The time has come for independent printer drivers - better performance and more freedom for your printer!

PrintFab is the printer driver with RIP (Raster Image Processor) functionality. Innovative “dynamic” color profiles ensure full control over color mixture and ink consumption combined with perfect print quality.

Print quality can be clearly improved by adjusting the printer to paper and ink with PrintFab and its innovative color management. Affordable color profiling service is optionally available.

With PrintFab you can save money not only by using cheaper third party paper and ink. Our intelligent ink saving system reduces ink consumption by up to 30% without producing pale looking pictures. On the first glance you wont even notice the difference!

With the Layout Editor you can modify print jobs, e.g. remove ads from a web page, enlarge important sections or combine snippets from different pages on a single sheet.

More information on PrintFab Download

Download softproof ICC files for color profiles included with driver

Paper ICC softproof profile (1)
Plain paper Download
Bright white paper Download
HP coated paper Download
HP Premium Plus Photo and Proof Gloss Download
HP Premium Plus Photo Satin Download
Transparency Download
Ilford Omnijet PhotoGloss RC Download

(1) This profile is meant only for soft proofing (simulating printed colors on a computer screen). Do not use this ICC profile as a print profile in your application.