Printer driver development for Windows,
Mac and Linux

For over 10 years ZEDOnet has developed hiqh quality printer drivers which are distributed under the product names "TurboPrint" (Linux) and "PrintFab" (Apple Mac OS X & Windows).

As experts in the development of printer drivers and printing solutions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems we also develop individual solutions for our customers.

Our portfolio not only covers printer drivers but also software components for printer setup, printer monitoring, usb or network drivers and printing APIs.

Perfect color reproduction is ensured by our professional color management which adjusts color application individually to printer, ink and paper.

We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry for driver development.

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Screenshots: Windows, OS X and Linux
Cross platform availability for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux


Examples & Possibilities:

  • Development of high quality printer drivers for new printers - optionally as cross platform drivers for Windows / Linux- and Mac OS X with identical print options - ideal for mixed networks
  • Development of tailor-made OEM printer drivers e.g. for security printing with special inks. Individual control over ink tanks allows to reuse light cyan & light magenta cartridges for UV inks - regular color printing with CMYK inks is still possible.
  • Print modules with minimized memory requirements for embedded systems
  • Software for centralized administration and automatic printer setup in corporate networks
  • Generic postscript drivers for MS Windows with customized extensions (identical driver for all postscript printers that is reconfigured with a PPD printer description file).
  • Simplified user interface to avoid misconfiguration e.g. for office & authorities
  • Software library for printer monitoring in remotely maintained systems
Screenshots: Windows, OS X and Linux
Printer monitor with ink level & status display



Printer setup: printer detection, driver installation and configuration

Print settings: print options menu

Printer driver: custom made drivers for any print technology (inkjet, thermo transfer / sublimation, laser, ...)

Print preview: preview documents, analyze paper and ink usage, print quotas, …

Spooler: collect, manage and output print jobs

Port monitor / device driver: send print data to USB port, network printer, WLAN, ...

Language monitor / print monitoring: retrieve status information like ink levels / consumables, warnings and error conditions like "out of paper"

Color management module: using color profiles that are individually created for the printer, ink and paper